Non-GMO Poultry Supplies for Sale

Double J Farms makes poultry supplies locally in Gap, Pa. Keep your flock happy with our top-quality feed and bedding! Our Non-GMO poultry feeds will help your flock grow and flourish on your homestead! Become efficient and successful today!

Poultry Feeds


Chicken Feed

We sell every chicken food type necessary to start your flock! We sell chick starter, pullet grower, and layer chicken food. Reach out to us if you need assistance choosing your chicken feed.


Duck Feed

Our duck food will make your flock quack with joy! We manufacture our Non-GMO duck food locally in Gap, PA! Pick up at our store or contact us to schedule a delivery!

Poultry Bedding

Straw Bedding

Straw is one of the best poultry bedding options available! Chickens love to scratch and play in straw. Also, straw is an insulator to keep your chickens warm in the winter months!

Non-GMO Poultry Supplies Delivered To You

Do you want to feed your flock better food but don’t have the time to travel to our store? Or maybe, you would like to buy your feed in bulk totes? We can schedule a delivery, so you don’t need to make time in your schedule. To schedule a delivery, call us at 717-371-1202 or fill out our contact form to get in touch. For more information, visit our About Us section on our website. Feel free to visit us at our location.

poultry supplies for sale

Local Poultry Supplies

As farmers, we understand the need for efficiency and integrity when purchasing your poultry supplies! We believe you shouldn’t have to go to multiple stores for all your animal feed! Or maybe you don’t want to go to the store at all! We offer delivery multiple delivery options.

Why Double J Farms

We are local farmers and hold honesty and integrity as our core values. We use our farming experience to craft only the best poultry products for your flock. When you purchase from Double J, you are efficient and successful! We are committed to providing our customers with the same high-quality poultry supplies time and time again.

Poultry Supply Store Near You

Double J Farms is your local poultry feed shop located in Gap, Pennsylvania! You can visit us at 492 Compass Road. You can pick up your order or call us to schedule your poultry feed delivery!

Healthy animals and happy farmers

Animals need healthy food too! We make all our feeds with fresh local ingredients, and most of our feeds use non-GMO ingredients. Feed your flock better today!