Non-GMO Chicken Feed for Sale

Double J Farms offers Non-GMO chicken feed for each stage of your flock’s life! Our Non-GMO chicken food is made from local ingredients in Lancaster County, PA! Order today for a healthy and happy flock!

Poultry Starter

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Non-GMO Poultry Starter

Our Poultry Starter is for ducks and chickens.
Sold in 40 lbs. bags.

Poultry Grower

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Non-GMO Poultry Grower

Our Poultry Grower is for both ducks and chickens!
Sold in 50 lbs. bags.

Layer Mash

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Non-GMO Layer Mash

Our Layer Mash is exclusively for chickens.
Sold as mash in 50 lbs. bags.

Local Chicken Feed

We mix our chicken food locally in Gap, Pennsylvania! We believe you should be able to source your animal feed from one store. Or maybe you don’t want to visit a store? Either way, you can place an order for pickup, or we can schedule your order for delivery if you live within 30 miles!

Why Double J Farms

We hold honesty and integrity as core personal and business values. You do not need to worry about the quality of our feed! As farmers, we understand the importance of quality and consistency. We mix our food on our farm and are honest about our ingredients. Use our chicken food to become efficient and successful!

Chicken Feed Near You

You can purchase from our store in Gap Pennsylvania! Visit us at 492 Compass Road, Gap PA! Place your order for pickup or schedule a delivery if you live within 30 miles of our location.

Chicken Feed FAQ

What to Feed Baby Chicks?

For strong, healthy baby chicks, your chick starter feed needs complete proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Our Chick Starter contains crude protein, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, and Vitamin A. Also, our Chick Starter is Non-GMO!

Can Ducks Eat Chicken Feed?

It Depends. Ducks cannot eat chicken-specific food. However, our poultry starter and grower is for ducks and chickens!

How Long to Feed Chick Starter?

Your baby chicks should eat Chick Starter for the first eight weeks of their life. After eight weeks, transition to Chicken Grower.

Can Ducks Eat Chicken Feed?

Your flock should start eating Chicken Grower after 8 weeks old. Once they are around 16 – 18 weeks old, your flock should transition from Chicken Grower to Chicken Layer Mash.

Non-GMO Chicken Feed Delivered To You

Do you want healthier chickens but don’t have the time to travel to our store? Or maybe, you would like to buy your chicken feed in bulk but don’t have a way to transport it? We deliver our Non-GMO Poultry Starter, Poultry Grower, and Layer Mash within 30 miles of our store. To schedule a delivery, call us at 717-371-1202 or fill out our contact form to get in touch. You can visit us at 492 Compass Road, Gap, PA 17527.

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Healthy animals and happy farmers

Animals need healthy food too! We make all our feeds with fresh local ingredients, and most of our feeds use non-GMO ingredients. Feed your flock better today!