Equine Supplies for Sale

Double J Farms has a variety of equine supplies for your horse’s needs! Order mixed horse feed, hay, or bedding! You can be assured that our equine supplies will be top quality!!

Horse Food Feeds

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12% Protein Mix

Double J farms 12% horse food is our entry-level horse food mix. It contains 12% crude protein. Sold in 50 lbs. bags.

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Performance Blend

Double J Performance blend is our mid-level horse food product. This mix contains 13.6% crude protein. Sold in 50 lbs. bags.

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Performance and Digestive Aid

Double J Performance and Digestive Aid is our premium horse food product. This blend contains 14.2% crude protein. Sold in 50lb. bags.

Hay for Horses

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We offer multiple types of hay grown on local farms! Alfalfa hay is our most popular hay for horses. We also sell orchard grass hay, or we can mix them! Place an order for pickup, or we can arrange a delivery!

Pine Shavings

Great for horses, livestock, and outdoor pets. Pine shavings are a tremendous low-dust animal bedding solution and smell great!

Straw Bedding

Straw bedding is low dust and a comfortable animal bedding product. Also, straw decomposed faster than wood chips which are great for fertilization!

Bedding Pellets

Bedding Pellets have the benefits of pine shavings while also being more absorbent. Bedding pellets are biodegradable and easy to clean up.

Peat Moss

Peat moss is a very absorbent animal bedding solution that is great for older equines and animals with breathing issues. Peat Moss bedding is easily composted and makes excellent fertilizer!

Equine Supplies Delivered To You

Do your horses need food or bedding? Horses are expensive and need to be taken care of properly. At our store, we provide locally sourced horse food that ensures a healthy and happy horse. Is driving to the feed store a chore? No worries! We offer delivery so that you can receive your equine supplies efficiently. Our commitment to your horse’s well-being is what sets us apart at Double J Farms. For more information, visit our About Us section on our website. If you would like your equine supplies delivered, call us at 717-371-1202 or fill out our contact form. You can also visit us at 492 Compass Road, Gap, PA 17527.

Local Equine Supplies

Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop shop for your equine food and bedding needs. You shouldn’t need to shop at multiple stores for your equine supplies! You can pick up your order, or we can arrange an order delivery.

Why Double J Farms

We are traditional farmers with lifelong experience with horses. We ensure our equine supplies are only made from the best ingredients available! Honesty and integrity are the core values of our company. Repeat customers can rest assured that they get the same value as their first order. Become efficient and successful today!

Equine Supplies Near You

You can pick up your equine supplies from our store in Gap! We also deliver to our customers. Visit us at 692 Compass Road, Gap, PA!

Healthy animals and happy farmers

Animals need healthy food too! We make all our feeds with fresh local ingredients, and most of our feeds use non-GMO ingredients. Feed your flock better today!