Hay for Sale in Lancaster PA

Double J Farms sells locally sourced hay for any of your livestock needs! Our most common hay is a mixture of Orchard Grass and Timothy Grass.

Hay For Sale

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Hay Bales

We source hay from local farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania! Our top-selling bale is our mixture of Orchard grass and Timothy hay. Order in bulk or a small quantity!

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Compressed Hay bales

Do you lack storage space? Purchase compressed bales! A compressed bale has the same amount of grass as a regular bale!

Hay Bales Delivered to You

It is easier to purchase hay in bulk, but do you have to equipment to transport it? Hay is messy and will make the bed of your truck dirty. If you lack the equipment or have more important tasks than hauling hay, we can help! We offer hay delivery, so you can conveniently purchase bulk hay for your animals!

For more information, visit our About Us section on our website. Whether you need a few bales, a trailer load, or one large bale, we can hook you up! To schedule a hay delivery, call us at 717-371-1202 or fill out our contact form. You can also visit us at 492 Compass Road, Gap, PA 17527.

Alfalfa Hay FAQ

Alfalfa is a perennial flowering legume plant. Alfalfa hay is commonly used for horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, chickens, turkeys, and sheep. It is used for grazing, hay, and silage. Alfalfa hay is high in protein and minerals, which provides more energy for your animals. Alfalfa hay is one of the best nutrient-rich hays when adequately cured.

Alfalfa hay has a bright, deep green color. Alfalfa has leafy stems instead of long grasses, like timothy hay. Alfalfa hay doesn’t have a strong, fresh hay smell.

Yes! Alfalfa hay contains about 20% protein. Compared to other hays, alfalfa hay takes less time to digest. When utilized with grass hay, alfalfa hay will make your herd bigger and healthier. However, feeding your cows only alfalfa hay increases the chance of pasture bloat. Of course, you need to manage your herd’s intake to keep them healthy. It is best to limit your cow’s alfalfa consumption to 5 pounds a day. When properly fed, alfalfa hay will make your herd more productive and healthier!

Yes! Alfalfa hay is high in calcium and protein, which is essential for your baby rabbits’ growth and development. However, you shouldn’t exclusively feed your baby or adult rabbits alfalfa hay. Use alfalfa as an ingredient in a balanced diet plan.

Orchard Grass Hay FAQ

Orchard Grass is a perennial tall growing grass that grows in bunches. Orchard grass hay is high in protein and calories than timothy grass. Orchard grass is popular in the horse world since it results in less grain needing to be fed. Orchard grass hay is commonly mixed with alfalfa hay to produce a nutrient-rich hay mixture with the benefits associated with each hay.

Orchard Grass hay has a flattened sheath and has a light green to blue-green color. Orchard Grass hay looks like long grasses, unlike alfalfa which has leafy stems.

Yes! Orchard grass hay is perfect for guinea pigs, especially if you are allergic to timothy hay. Orchard grass hay is lower in calcium, protein, and calories than alfalfa hay which is perfect for guinea pigs. The high calcium content in alfalfa hay can result in kidney stones in your guinea pigs.

Yes! Orchard hay has lots of fiber which is essential for your rabbit’s diet. Orchard grass hay has the appropriate amount of protein and calcium needed for your adult rabbits.

Local Hay
for Sale

All our hay is sourced from local farms in Lancaster County. You shouldn’t need to go to multiple stores for all your animal hay needs. We aim to be your local one-stop shop for all your hay needs!

Why Double J Farms

We have extensive experience with horses and livestock! We understand the importance of purchasing quality hay! Our goal is to provide our customers with the best grass to grow and nourish their animals!

Hay Store Near You

We are in Gap, Pennsylvania, at 492 Compass Road. We can arrange a delivery for a fee, or you can pick up your order from our store! We are open Monday – Friday from 7-5 or set up an appointment on Saturday.

Healthy animals and happy farmers

Animals need healthy food too! We make all our feeds with fresh local ingredients, and most of our feeds use non-GMO ingredients. Feed your flock better today!