Swine Supplies for Sale

Double J Farms makes a variety of swine supplies to fit your pig’s needs! Our Food is only made from the best ingredients, and we have multiple bedding materials available!

Swine Feed

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Pig Food

Double J Farms pig feed is an extruded Non-GMO pig feed containing Corn, Barley, Soybeans, and more ingredients.

Pine Shavings

Pine shavings make mucking out a breeze, and they smell great.

Straw Bedding

Straw is easy to handle and easily composted and sold by the bale.

How Much Do I Feed My Pigs?

Our pig food is an extruded feed containing Corn, Barley, and Soybeans. The pig feed has raw soybeans, expelled soybeans, soybean meal, and soybean hulls. A good pig feed has farm grains, like corn and soybeans, since they are high in digestible proteins, carbs, and vitamins essential for your pig’s growth. Foods high in sugars, like cracked corn, mil, fish, meat, fruits, and potatoes, are generally avoided. Our pig food is meant to be fed free choice and plenty of water. Your pig’s feed requirements will change as it grows. Here are some general guidelines.

Piglets under 40 LBS

Piglets should be weaned from their mother using creep feeding. Creep feeding is slowly introducing solid feed to a nursing animal’s diet and slowly growing the volume of reliable feed. The amount of pig food your piglet needs will increase as it grows and weans from its mother.

Growing and Finishing pigs 40 LBS+

A pig eats about 4% of its body weight each day. For pigs under 110 pounds, expect to feed 1.5-1.7 pounds of pig food each day. Pigs over 110 pounds need 1.8-2.2 pounds of food daily.

Other Essential Nutrients

Your pig’s health does not solely rely on your pig’s food. A clean source of water is vital. Why? A Piglet’s body is 80% water, while a finished pig’s body is 50% water! Newly weaned pigs are susceptible to dehydration, so it is vital during the early stages of your piglet growth.

Non-GMO Swine Supplies Delivered To You

Do you want healthy pigs? A proper diet is essential for your pig’s health. Our non-GMO swine supplies are what you need for your pig. We all have hectic schedules, and it can be inconvenient to visit a feed store. We offer delivery, so you don’t need to make a trip whenever you need pig food. To learn more about us and our commitment to delivering top-quality swine supplies, please visit our About Us section on our website. To schedule a delivery or inquire further, call us at 717-371-1202 or fill out our contact form. If you’d like to visit us in person, our location is at 492 Compass Road, Gap, PA 17527.

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Local Swine Supplies

Our swine supplies are locally sourced in Pennsylvania! With our vast range of livestock supplies, we are your one-stop shop in Lancaster, PA. Our swine supplies are available at our store or we can arrange a

Why Double J Farms

We believe in the traditional values of honesty and integrity. When you place a repeat order, you can be assured that your order is of the highest quality and the same value as the last order. Your homestead will become more efficient and successful with Double J Farm’s swine supplies!

Swine Supplies Near You

Double J Farms is in Gap, Pennsylvania. You can visit us at 492 Compass Road on Monday – Friday from 7-5 or set up an appointment on Saturday. You can pick up your swine supplies from our store or schedule a delivery.

Healthy animals and happy farmers

Animals need healthy food too! We make all our feeds with fresh local ingredients, and most of our feeds use non-GMO ingredients. Feed your flock better today!